Body Mounts / Body Cushions

We manufacture body mount and body cushions for a wide variety of cars.

Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Ford, Lasalle, Packard, Oldsmobile

And many many more!

Even if you don't see your model or body mount listed, we probably have a body mount for your application.


One of our most popular mounts is our BM644A.  This mount is identical to GM Part # 1377367.  A very frequently used body mount cushion.  Used as a bolt cushion.  Many cars will use up to 12 of these body mounts.  We have them available separately.

GM Body Cushion 1377367

The corresponding body mount to GM mount # 1377367 is our Body Mount #BM644 (GM part # 1242761).  This body mount (or body cushion) was used extensively on the radiator core support as well as frame mount from the early 1960's on up into the 1970's.  These mounts feature a metel center core and are dimensionly correct.

GM Body Cushion 1242761

Another interesting mount we have reproduced is the GM insulator 488610. This insulator got its popularity when it was used in the Buick Grand National GNX. It was left out in many of the other G body cars such as the Buick Grand National, T-Type Cars and the Buick Regal.
This body mount will also fit the other G body cars such as the Oldsmobile Cutlass and the Chevrolet Monte Carlo
This body cushion is also indicated for use on the Buick Riviera. This is typically used in position #5 over the rear axle. A great addition to any car

GM Insulator Cushion 488610

We manufacture many body mounts and body cushions
These can be viewed online in our OldCarstuff Store